Should I apply early decision?

For the first time, St. John’s is offering three ways to apply for fall 2020:

  1. Early Decision by November 1
  2. Early Action by November 15
  3. Regular Decision by January 15

What on earth is the difference?

Both Early Action and Regular Decision are the “normal” ways to apply. You submit the application by the deadline, and, if admitted, you have until May 1 to make the big decision about whether to enroll at St. John’s. Lots of people apply Early Action because, well, it’s early: you’ll know whether you’re admitted in December. That can give peace of mind during a stressful senior year. If you’re ready to apply in November, there’s no reason to wait.

But Early Decision. That’s different.

If you apply Early Decision by November 1, you *know* that St. John’s is your first choice for college. How do you know?

  • The reading list makes your heart beat faster.
  • You’re adding chile peppers to EVERYTHING.
  • On your campus visit, you couldn’t stop yourself from talking in class.
  • You’re already humming the Greek alphabet to the tune of the ABCs.
  • You’re dreaming about a croquet victory.

You get the idea.

If you apply Early Decision, you’ll sign an agreement that, if admitted, you will definitely enroll at St. John’s. In this way, Early Decision is a big decision, but it can be a great decision for a few reasons:

  1. You’ll be done applying to college in November. No more college application essays. No more college application fees. You can actually focus on school, dive into your extracurriculars, and enjoy senior year.
  2. You get to be a Johnnie before the end of the year. Buy that sweatshirt, start reading The Iliad, and chat with your future roommate online.
  3. Merit scholarships, our low tuition, and generous financial aid are all available to Early Decision applicants. If for any reason the financial aid isn’t enough, you will be released from the Early Decision agreement.
  4. Eventually we run out of spaces in the freshman class. Applying Early Decision (before most other students apply) increases your chances of becoming a Johnnie.

So if you know, deep down, that St. John’s should be your home for the next four years, I can’t wait to read your application on November 1.

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