Green Chile Capital of the World!

In Santa Fe, the first question is red or green.

The Chile pepper has been a keystone of New Mexican cuisine for centuries, and has also stood as a symbol for the hardy, vibrant, and eclectic community of Santa Fe. A new ad campaign, just launched by the state of New Mexico, goes in depth on this issue.

New Mexico is unlike many parts of the country – the climate, culture, and cuisine all combine to create a place which feels singular. It’s a place tied to the past and a tremendous amount of history, but is also forward looking, and open to innovation. This is evident in the way that New Mexicans use the green chile in their cooking. Despite zany new creations popping up every year (have you ever tried a Green Chile Apple Fritter?), the best cuisine that you can find is still based on that age old question – red or green?

Appropriately, the New Mexico state website has a great recipe for making Green Chile Sauce, which is a staple, but below are some classic and inventive ways that I could find people using green chiles in their cooking.

Hatch Chile Mac and Cheese

Gluten-Free Hatch Chile Cornbread Casserole

New Mexico Green Chile Posole

Green Chile Beef Stuffed Sopapillas

Hatch Chile Chocolate Chip Cookies

But this just scratches the surface of ways that New Mexicans and wannabe New Mexicans are using these! Don’t take my word for it – go discover it for yourself. Our Admissions Office in Santa Fe hosts visits five days a week, and you can customize your visit any way that you’d like. Meet with a tutor? Interview with a counselor? Get a tour of campus? You can do all of this, and you’ll probably get some restaurant recommendations for lunch as well.

Come out and see us in what be the “chile”st college town in the country!





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