Travel Territories

  Fall is right around the corner, and for those of us in admissions that means travel season! We set our travel territories for the coming year at our admissions retreat last week, and we’re excited to get out on the road. Check out what each counselor has to say about their territory this year!…

Santa Fe Campus Featured in Outside Magazine

We’ve always known that Santa Fe is the perfect place to be for someone who loves the getting outside, and our thriving outdoor activities programĀ is proof of that! But it’s always exciting to see our beautiful campus in print. This week, Liz (our Summer Academy and Visit Coordinator) was flipping through Outside Magazine when she…

Where was the admissions staff last week?

This past week, August 6-9 2018, the enrollment team stepped away from our desks to gather for our annual retreat. Admissions and Financial Aid counselors from Santa Fe joined those of us on the Annapolis campus for some serious team building, travel planning, and creative brainstorming. Our enrollment team strives to be friendly, personalized, student-focused, […]

Apply to St. John’s for fall 2019!

If you’re a rising senior this year, you’re probably getting ready to enjoy the last few weeks (or days) of summertime before diving in to your last year of high school. Is it too soon to start thinking about college applications? We don’t think so! In fact, if you wanted, you could apply to St….