Admissions Retreat 2019!

Last Monday, us Annapolitans escaped the muggy east coast to spend some time with our favorite colleagues out in the New Mexican high desert, for a week of reflection and planning. Enchiladas were enjoyed, sunscreen was applied, and most importantly, our work in Admissions was celebrated by all. A few of the topics that we discussed included recruiting and travel planning, marketing, outreach, financial aid, and many others, which will help us to set the tone to recruit the upcoming class of 2024. Below is a collection of pictures that illustrate the productive and fun filled week.



This was my second time visiting Santa Fe, and my knowledge of the area was expanded as we took trips to the Colorado Ski Basin, the charming, industrial town of Madrid (pronounced MADrid), and Cerrillos. I was finally able to fit in a visit to the increasingly famous Meow Wolf, which left me star-struck. Santa Fe is a visually stunning place (perhaps this is a reason why so many artists end up out this way), and the entirety of the week I was able to take in the landscapes, architecture, and people that make this part of the country so special.

It has been a successful year for us in St. John’s Admissions, and this has been the result of lots of collaboration and hard work across both of our offices, spanning the country. I was reminded constantly of the amount of talent and intelligence that we have at our disposal to tell students, families, and counselors of our unique approach to higher education. If you’d like to begin your own New Mexican adventure, here is a link to our Santa Fe visit calendar.


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