A Picnic at the Dean’s

Pictured above: Dean Sterling, grill master.

We’re now fully into spring in Santa Fe, as signified both by warm temperatures on campus and the slow melting of snow off the peaks of our neighborhood mountains. Dean Walter Sterling marked the occasion by inviting all staff and faculty into his home for some delicious food, great weather, and excellent company.

dean bbq 4

While Mr. Sterling provided the main course–a tasty selection of kebabs (both meat and veggie), burgers, and hot dogs–dessert was pot luck, giving us all a chance to show off our baking skills. I myself am not known for prowess in the kitchen, but I managed to pull together some nice chocolate chip cookies for the occasion! There were a dangerously wide variety of delicious goodies on offer!

dean bbq 7

St. John’s is a tight knit community, and that applies to the staff and faculty as well as the students. Events like this are always a great way to unwind and chat with our co-workers outside of the office!

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