May Day

In college admissions May 1 in known as National College Decision Day, but in Annapolis, MD May 1 is also known as “May Day”—the day where our city comes together to celebrate spring!

The Garden Club of Old Annapolis invites all homeowners and businesses alike to take part in a May Day Basket competition. This is one of the many traditions that St. John’s College participates in throughout the year. This year’s basket was a tribute to last weekend’s croquet victory over the Naval Academy:


I took a quick stroll through downtown Annapolis and was able to catch others putting the final touches on their baskets:


Overall, how did our SJC basket compare to the rest? I’ll let you be the judge of that:

To learn more about May Day Baskets, read the short snippet on the Downtown Annapolis Partnership webpage: Official judging is currently underway!

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