Davis Scholars Globe Ceremony

Pictured:  Fu Tiantong, Sila Karabiber (invited as a special guest speaker), Mohab Sherif Ismail Younis, Pano Kanelos (invited as special guest speaker), Juana Melendez, Yu Yau Wong, and Amanda Stevens (Invited as “Director of International Recruitment and as most awesomest Davis Liason/human”)

Davis Scholars are graduates from the United World College system, which has campuses all over the world. St. John’s College partners with the United World College System, and UWC graduates are often among our many international students!

Each year, Freshman Davis Scholars in Annapolis and Santa Fe are officially presented with a Crystal Globe. In Annapolis, Director of International Recruitment Amanda Stevens and President Pano Kanelos presented the globes in a ceremony held in the admissions office. We had three Davis Scholars in the freshman class this year in Annapolis! Mohab Younis, Juana Melendez, and Tiantong Fu represented UWC schools in Egypt, Peru, and China. In addition, two Sophomores who had missed the globe ceremony last year were awarded their globes as well.

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In Santa Fe, Shen Hong, a graduate of a UWC school in China, was presented with a globe by Director of International Recruitment Randall Hollensbe and Assistant Dean Michael Golluber (Kate Morrison, a member of our January Freshman class from UWC Canada, was unable to attend). After the presentation in front of audience of upperclassman Davis Scholars, he shared his story of being among the first incoming students at UWC China. He also wore the lanyard he received on his first day there, which he covered with pins from the countries of classmates from around the world–including a new St. John’s pin! He noted that, because of the sheer number of countries he has pins from, the lanyard is now too heavy to wear for most occasions. “This is because the weight of internationalism is heavy on our shoulders,” he joked.

We’re happy to have our Davis Scholars here at St. John’s College, and to welcome students from all around the world!


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