Fall Convocation: Welcome to the Class of 2022!

Our campuses in Annapolis and Santa Fe are starting to feel like real colleges again! Students are back, classes are starting, and this year we were able to welcome many new faces as first year students at St. John’s. That’s just what we were able to do during Convocation last week, both in Santa Fe and Annapolis.

New friendships were formed, rooms were decorated, and towards the end of the day, new students were clad in robes in preparation for the annual Fall Convocation. Though the campuses were different, the ceremony was delightfully similar.

In Santa Fe, convocation began with Tutor Phil Bartok leading a procession of faculty and students. At the ceremony, President Roosevelt spoke on the challenging nature of our curriculum, letting new students know that they would be expected to move outside their comfort zone at St. John’s College. He also emphasized the supportive nature of our community. There was even native flute music provided by a local musician, helping to bring the culture of New Mexico into the ceremony.

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President Kanelos in Annapolis offered a beautiful speech that preceded the signing of the registrar by each individual student called. After each student had signed and officially joined the St. John’s College Class of 2022, the upperclassmen in the auditorium stood and sang the unofficial anthem of the college, “Sicut Cervus”, to the new students. Later that evening, there was a waltz party under the stars on the quad, complete with a dance floor, great food, and even better company!  On Friday, we ended the week with a Jazz and Pie reception on the quad, hosted by a number of campus leaders including the president. There, I was able to see a number of the students who just joined the class chatting with upperclassmen, tutors, and other members of the community.

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For the Admissions staff, it was great to see all of the students that we had worked so hard counseling through the admissions process become full fledged members of our community. It was a reminder of what we all work so hard for – to see new students arrive on campus comfortable, prepared, and confident. Now, as we set sights on the 2018-2019 application cycle, we’re all getting prepared to do it all over again.

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