The most unusual college in America?

St. John’s was just voted among the most unusual colleges in the country.

What makes St. John’s so different? Here’s my short (incomplete) list:

  • You get to major in everything.
  • There are no lectures. Every class is a discussion with 20 students or fewer.
  • While you get grades, most Johnnies don’t know or care. No one competes for a grade. Assessment is done during a conversation with your tutor in a “don rag.”
  • Where else do you hear students casually chatting about Homer or Kant or Austen in the dining hall?
  • 1696. St. John’s is one of the few colleges in the United States founded before there was a United States.
  • Two campuses. You pick between Annapolis and Santa Fe, and you can spend time on the other campus as well. And now if you really want to get away for a semester, study abroad in France.
  • Croquet, of course.

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  1. Cynthia Siemens says:

    There are no majors. all students read the same books and study the same disciplines. And yes, in addition to croquet, there is fencing!

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