A Very Merry Maryland Crab-filled Retreat

We are back to the daily grind, but as I sit at my desk working on the June communications plan I can’t help but think back to last week’s AHHHHHMAZING Admissions Office Retreat.

This year’s retreat took place in Annapolis. Our schedule was comprised of many discussions and meetings, in addition to team building activities/outings.

Discussion Topics included:
How to talk about Annapolis, Maryland
How to talk about Santa Fe, New Mexico
Travel territories and visiting high schools
The communications plan and new web ideas

Activities Included:
Crab Dinners
Watching the Blue Angels Air Show
Boat Cruise on the Miss Anne

Blue Angels 2016 - Copy 1

St. John’s is one college with two campuses. Annapolis, MD and Santa Fe, NM couldn’t be any more different, but they also couldn’t be any more alike. What I mean to say is- I am fortunate to have the family of co-workers that I see in the office every day, but then I get to multiply that family by two. I might not see my Santa Fe family every day, but we do communicate daily and I truly enjoy all of the time we spend together (it only comes around once a year). I get to see facial expressions (good or bad) react to my ideas, just as everyone gets to see my expressions as I react to them. My face tends to give away what I am thinking before there is time for words to be spoken from my mouth. In the end, the week-long retreat lead to many questions, ideas, and outcomes.

I feel refreshed, invigorated, and excited to move forward with new initiatives and ideas for the upcoming year. Get ready for exciting new marketing, campus visit programming, events, high school visits, videos, emails, student and alumni engagement, and so much more! (Dare I say the possibility of text messaging?)

Cheers to 2016-2017; it is going to be a GREAT recruitment year!

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