The Maryland Renaissance Fair

By Brittany Kemmer

Fall brings some of the very best things to Annapolis – the new Johnnie class, of course, the National Boat Show, cooler breezes…and a personal favorite of mine, the Maryland Renaissance Festival!  Proudly a bit obsessed with the Faire, it’s a staple in my autumn calendar, and I haven’t missed a season in nearly ten years.  Opening in August, and continuing every weekend through October, the Renaissance Festival is an immersive experience through time, space, and sanity, journeying back to the heyday of King Henry VIII.  It’s one of the best and most expansive Renn fairs in the country, bringing in all kinds of performers, artisans, and artists together in Revel Grove.

This year, the faire was set in 1532, with the Royal Court on progress as King Henry attempts to woo the Lady Anne Boleyn. Throughout the day, visitors interact with the Court and other players as they perform throughout the Grove. Take in skits, jousting, tumbling, magicians, and musicians of all kinds as you make your way through the day.  In particular, enjoy the wide range of Shakespearean-themed performances, including improv-heavy STREETspeare, the WWE-inspired Renaissance Rumble, and the adult comedy take on classic plays presented by Shakespeare’s Skum.  There’s even a reproduction of the Globe Theater!

I have a full repertoire of outfits, flower crowns, and favorite snack stations that I try to get through every year—and with new additions every year, there’s always something new to explore as well!  If you find your way there, you can’t miss The Bee Folks (the Southern Belle Honey is my favorite!), the loaded baked potato station, or one of the Sirena performances. 

Hopefully, I’ll see a few of you there next season—huzzah!

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