Commencement 2019!


May is an especially exciting time for colleges, because it typically marks the time of senior commencement. This month, we graduated a total of 168 graduates between the two campuses – 98 in Annapolis, and 70 in Santa Fe.

In Annapolis, though the weather was a bit rainy, spirits were bright as graduates watched Annapolis tutor and alum Robert Abbott (A04) give the commencement speech, where he reflected on his own experience visiting campus, and using stories from the Program such as Thaetetus to illustrate advice to students in their future endeavors. In Santa Fe, students were able to hear another alum and current president of the college Deep Springs, offer his own account of watching the first commencement ceremony in Santa Fe years ago as a child. The speeches were full of confidence, both for the institution of St. John’s, but also for the very capable group of graduates that they were addressing.

The students this year were also gracious in giving back to the college. In Annapolis, our 100% of our senior class donated to provide the college with a set of audiobook recordings of program texts. In Santa Fe, 100% of the graduating class donated to an Energy Audit of the campus, to assist with sustainability initiatives.

In the Admissions office, it’s always a bittersweet feeling watching students graduate – our students develop so much and so quickly during their time here, that it is amazing to see what they go on to do, but it always means that we’ll begin to miss their familiar faces around campus. But it also reminds us of the important work that we do, to get students in the door to the Program, and set them on a path for that transformation, so that we are able to enjoy watching them walk across that stage in four year’s time.

Graduating seniors at the commencement ceremony in Annapolis



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