Springtime in Annapolis


There is a time in Maryland that occurs around early April, when winter thaws away, flowers begin to sprout seemingly everywhere, and finally(!), it’s not weird to eat ice cream again. Spring, in this counselor’s humble opinion, is Annapolis’ best season. This month has been very busy for us in the admissions office – between counselor tours, admitted student events, and travelling all over the country, we’ve been so busy preparing for our most recently admitted class, and also getting a headstart on recruiting students for next fall.  But I had to do some thinking around why the springtime is such a good time to visit Annapolis – hopefully, if you haven’t been, you’ll consider it!

1. Annapolis is the sailing capital of the world.

Now that the bay is navigable again, boat traffic around the city is beginning to come back to life. Beginning now throughout the rest of the summer, a walk downtown will show you boats from all over the country sailing and jetting into the harbor, and watching them can be a fun way to spend an afternoon.

2. Flowers are EVERYWHERE.

From the streets to the statehouse, Annapolis is decorated for the month in shades of pinks, yellows, and whites. And since the city is so walkable, you can see quite a bit of all of the beauty in the span of a day. Of course, if you’re willing to do a bit of driving, you could even stop by the nation’s capital to see the cherry blossoms, which are definitely worth seeing.

3. Did I mention ice cream?

Since moving to Annapolis, I was surprised with the amount of incredible ice cream options available in the city. Annapolis Ice Cream Company has been a critical favorite over the last few years, even winning best restaurant in Annapolis by the Capital Gazette a few years running. Kilwin’s is an ice cream and fudge shop partially owned by St. John’s alumni, and they give St. John’s students a discount when they stop in! My personal favorite, though, is Red Bean Cafe, which allows you to mix in a few ingredients with their homemade soft serve, prompting lots of different types of creations. Ever try chocolate ice cream with coffee beans and blueberries? Because it’s awesome.

4. Also. Old Fox Books.

This little bookstore, tucked away in a building on Maryland Avenue, boasts a wide selection of used books, unique decorations, and even a coffee shop which operates towards the back of the store (serving famous, Annapolis-made Ceremony Coffee!). But my favorite feature of the store is perhaps the patio towards the back. Here, you can find a ton of literary decorations and props, red tables to sit and enjoy a book and cup of coffee, and many other like-minded folk looking for a space to be transported into the storybook land of their choosing. I recommend it to everyone who is a book-lover, so it’s probably a must-see if you’re visiting St. John’s.

5. And a…croquet match?

The annual croquet match between the Naval Academy and St. John’s will be happening on April 28th this year! It may the most serious sporting event of the year in Annapolis, with over 5,000 people in attendance each year. Tons of food, music, and interesting dress fill the day, and it’s certainly a fun time to be in town. It’s also just a great month to be on the Annapolis campus, with outdoor barbeques and field days litter the calendar, and provide ample opportunity for our students to get outside.

So why wait? There is a ton of stuff to explore. Make your way to Annapolis today – we’ll be waiting for you!



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