Snow, Female Authors, Shrimp, and More!

I went  with some of my colleagues to grab some lunch in the dining hall today.  We have kind of an incredible salad bar and New Year’s resolutions being what they are…

Anyway, when I stepped into the Student Center, I realized that today was our 2019 Student Activities Fair! It is not a secret that we are a teeny tiny college – even with the total student enrollment on both of our campuses (Santa Fe, NM and Annapolis, MD), we are fewer than 900 undergraduate students. I often refer to us as the Tiny House of colleges. But in spite of, or maybe on account of our small student body, we have the most amazing array of activities! Archery, Pottery, LGBTQIA+, Entrepreneurs, Dancing, Singing, Outdoor Programs, Great Works by Women Writers, Yoga, Iron Bookworm, Woodworking, Grappling/Boxing, and so much more! Enjoy the slideshow. It just gives you a sample of what you can do outside of class!



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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