Admitted Students Start Their Journey with Homer’s “Iliad”

Excited about starting at St. John’s? Well, if you were admitted through Early Action, you should have a gift coming through the mail this week to get you even more excited. It is the first book to check off on your St. John’s book list: Homer’s Iliad!

For last few years, the Admissions Office has been sending admitted students copies of the book to provide them with some reading for the winter months, but also to get them excited about the types of conversations they’ll be able to have once they are a student at St. John’s. There should also be a note, hand written from your Admissions Counselor, congratulating you on your recent acceptance.

The book is, of course, the first that you’ll be reading in the Program – a tale of war, love, and inhumanity in humanity. But, it also helps to establish a common link with all other admitted students considering St. John’s. Hopefully this small gift not only provides you with some good reading throughout the rest of the winter months, but also something to talk about with other students excited about great books, who you may meet on our facebook group, or at an Admitted Student event.

Here are a few pictures of the team putting the boxes together, all with love.



Any thoughts on the Iliad? What’s your favorite part (mine is Book 6)? Are you Team Achilles? Team Hector? Let us know!

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  1. Senrui says:

    Hello, will these books also be send to international students? or just students from the United States? I have been admitted into the class of 2022(Annapolis) and currently taking a gap year but still haven’t received any books or paper form admission letter…


    1. toddsjc says:

      Hi Senrui,
      I believe that we have yours here in Annapolis waiting for you! We aren’t able to get physical Iliads to our international students, but have them ready for those students when they decide to enroll. You should have also received an electronic copy of the Iliad via email that you can download.

      I hope this helps!


      1. Senrui says:

        Wow! so excited to hear this, looking forward to come to Annapolis this fall!
        (but it seems I didn’t received the electronic Iliad too…can you send me a copy please?)


  2. Sydney says:

    Hi – just wondering whether domestic Regular Decision admits will also receive a copy of the Illiad. Thank you!


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