Senior Essays are in!


Senior essays have been turned in on both campuses! After a month hard and work  reading, writing, editing, re-writing, and more writing, the seniors were ecstatic to turn in the product of their hard work to the president’s office on each campus. You can read more about the senior essay, and why it’s so important, here.

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Seniors get their essays printed and bound, and then turn them into the president’s house, where their essay title is announced. Here’s a video of this tradition as practiced on our Santa Fe campus:


As admissions officers it’s always amazing to see the seniors that we first met as prospective students achieve this milestone, which is many ways the capstone of their undergraduate experience. Congratulations, class of 2018! And remember, it’s not too late to apply to St. John’s College. In just a few years, you too could earn the right to ring the college bell in celebration of your achievement!


Video: Seniors ring the college bell in Santa Fe! It’s a little quiet in the video, but on campus you could hear it loud and clear!


Cover photo: Annapolis President Pano Kanelos congratulates a senior as he turns in his essay.

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