January Freshman Have Arrived!


On January 15th we welcomed 20 January Freshman to the Santa Fe campus of St. John’s College!

Here are a few stats about this year’s January Freshman Class:

75% of these students attended other colleges and universities before coming to St. John’s

20% legacy (4 out of 20 students had relatives who were Johnnies)

25% domestic minority

Age distribution:

Mr. Poppele , St. John’s tutor and Director of Labs,  stands next to our welcome table.


Registration included stops at the Financial Aid Office, Student Accounts, Housing, Student Health, and the Registrar’s Office. Michael Rodriguez, our Director of  Financial Aid, is seen standing next to two students from his first January Freshman class! This was a bittersweet moment, as Mr. Rodriguez is retiring this coming June after working at the college for over 30 years! First and last JF class. To the right of Mr. Rodriguez, stands Susan Olmsted (SF’88), our Associate Director of Graduate Admissions and next to Susan is Randall Hollensbe (SF’88), our Associate Director of International Student Recruitment and Admissions.

Here Matt Johnston, our Director of Housing and Residential Life, stands next to one of incoming students.

In the evening the Resident Assistants and Housing staff welcome the JF’s with a low-key pizza and salad dinner.  Everyone had an opportunity to introduce themselves and talk about what book they wrote on for their admissions essays.

Finally on Monday we held Convocation for the incoming freshman and graduate students.

Here is a pre-convocation photo of Mr. Mark Roosevelt, SJC President (on the left) and Mr. Matt Davis, Dean of Students (on the right).


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