Lunch and Learn with Career Services

Ever wonder how admissions counselors stay connected to the larger college community?

I wanted to show you inside our most recent Lunch and Learn programming. Lunch and Learns take place once a month and aim to highlight a different office each month.


This past Wednesday, November 8th, the Career Services staff members in Annapolis shared knowledge and insight into the mission and inner workings of their office, as well as their partners on our Santa Fe campus. Our Santa Fe campus has big news: their office name has changed to the Office of Personal and Professional Development. The Office of Personal and Professional Development has also been awarded funding to explore new initiatives.

What do the Career Services and Professional Development Offices do? They work with current students and alumni to provide resources and support for all aspects of the career and job search process from initial exploration through later career changes. And how do they do this?

-Resume & cover letter guidance and feedback

-Interview preparation

-Networking information, guidance, and opportunities

-On-campus forums & events

-St. John’s specific online job and internship databases

-Internship funding

-Grants for additional academic coursework

They even shared some numbers:

-1000+ employers in the online database

-60+ on campus events hosted each year

-12% of students go directly in to graduate school (of this number 2-3% law school, 2-3% pre-med or post-bachelorette program)

-57% will continue on to graduate school within 5 years

-80% of students on campus utilize career and professional development services

Their offices also offer special funded programs during the summers:

-Pathways and Global Pathways Fellowships ($2,500 grants for Pathways Fellowships and $5,000 grants for Global Pathways Fellowships) 20+ students awarded in Summer 2017!

-Hodson and Ariel Internship Programs ($4,000 grants awarded to fund summer internships) 480+ students have been awarded since 2000!

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