Student Activities Fair

From swing dancing to climbing club, from Mock Trial to the Storyteller’s Guild, extracurricular opportunities at St. John’s abound. At the beginning of each year on both campuses, activities fairs introduce new freshmen to the various clubs they can join, and re-introduce upperclassmen to their favorites, along with any new groups.


Between our two campuses, St. John’s has over fifty clubs and extracurricular activities, the vast majority of which are student run. Funding for these groups is overseen by the student government of the campus on which they operate. And the scope of the groups range widely!

Volunteer organizations include Project Polity, which organizes food drives and tutoring in the local community, and the St. John’s chapter of Amnesty International, which concerns itself with human rights issues around the world. Orchestra, Jazz Band, and a plethora of singing groups and small ensembles enjoy wide support. Student publications range from the news-focused ( such as The Gadfly, The Moon, and The Epoch) to the artistic and academic (such as Energeia,  Grout, and Historia).

Theater is popular, with students proposing and voting on which plays will be performed each year. Intramural sports include both co-ed and women’s leagues, and club sports include archery in Santa Fe, rowing, sailing and croquet in Annapolis, and fencing on both campuses. Santa Fe also has thriving outdoor and climbing programs, and a search and rescue team that students can join. And that’s just a small selection of the groups active on our campuses!

Much like academic life, extracurricular life at St. John’s is student-directed. The college provides a supportive environment for students to explore their interests, and it’s very easy to start a new club.  Check out partial lists of the groups that are currently active in Santa Fe and Annapolis by clicking on the name of each campus!

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