Convocatum Est!

Convocatum Est!

With those words, presidents Roosevelt (college wide, Santa Fe) and Kanelos (Annapolis) officially declared the college’s 322nd session open.

The year began with registration, as students arrived on campus, moved into dorms, and received their class schedules. For admissions, it was particularly exciting to see the incoming freshmen we had worked with, interviewed, and read, arrive on campus to officially join the St. John’s community! The class of 2021 traveled from 39 states and 28 countries outside the US to arrive at their new homes in Santa Fe and Annapolis!


Convocation ceremonies were held on both campuses, in which the class of 2021 was welcomed to campus by upperclassmen, faculty, and staff. New students shook hands with the president, signed the college register, and received copies of Euclid’s Elements, courtesy of the alumni association.


Students are moved in, classes have begun, and students, staff, and faculty alike are looking forward to a great year!

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