Food Trucks of Santa Fe

Santa Fe is a fantastic town for foodies, and food trucks can be found all over town. Most food trucks in Santa Fe tend to anchor themselves semi-permanently in a parking lot, or even partner with a local brewery to serve food to their patrons, but they still move around occasionally. For the right food…

Dorm Life at St. John’s College

At St. John’s, we have incredibly spatious and charming student housing, which is accessible to students all four years. This helps to contribute to the holistic and welcoming community that we strive for, and helps to create an experience where your thoughts about the Plato reading don’t need to end at the end of class….

Raising The Persisting Human Questions

I would like to introduce you to the core, governing, visionary document of the college, The Statement of the Program:   Come back soon for the next deep dive about The Seminar.  

Coffee (and Tea!) of Santa Fe

There are a lot of great things to do and see in Santa Fe, and for a Johnnie looking for a great place to hang out with friends, read, or work on an essay, Santa Fe’s many excellent coffee shops are top of the list! Here are a just a few of our favorite coffee…

Scientific Inquiry: Beyond Merely Arriving at the Truth

Johnnies want to know why we believe what we believe. The Admissions Office was given a special inside tour of the labs with new Director of Labs, John Balwit. Thoughts about the St. John’s College Lab Program  by Tutor Llyd Wells: In the modern world, there are so many things we know without knowing how…

What are our counselors reading over break?

A few weeks ago I thought it’d be in my best interest to send out a form to the admissions staff, inquiring about our reading plans over break. This was partially to showcase how well-read our staff is, but was also selfishly a plan to give me some good book recommendations for our holiday break….


On this Thursday morning a week before Thanksgiving, the St. John’s College campus in Santa Fe received an unexpected snow fall! What was supposed to be a light dusting has turned into a few inches and counting. You might ask why I was out in this weather? Well, these photos and the video were taken…

Happy Halloween!

Today marked the first annual Trick or Treat event of Weigle Hall on our Santa Fe campus. Organized by our student life staff, all students were invited to go Trick or Treating through our administrative offices! There were pirates, fairies, super heroes, witches and more!

Beethoven’s Third Symphony!

Student Life invited the entire St. John’s College Community to attend The Lensic’s Heroic Beethoven concert featuring Beethoven’s Symphony No. 3 Eroica on Sunday, September 22nd at 3:00pm. Tickets were donated to the college by ProMusica and The Lensic Performing Arts Center!  Beethoven’s 3rd Symphony is particularly significant work to the college because everyone studies…

Green Chile Capital of the World!

In Santa Fe, the first question is red or green. The Chile pepper has been a keystone of New Mexican cuisine for centuries, and has also stood as a symbol for the hardy, vibrant, and eclectic community of Santa Fe. A new ad campaign, just launched by the state of New Mexico, goes in depth…