Staying Organized Freshman Year!


Check out our tips and tricks for staying organized and productive during your Freshman year! It can be difficult to get used to creating new study habits and setting sleep schedules at the beginning of college, but we hope some of our tips can help make your adjustment to college a breeze. From to-do lists and setting morning routines to keeping a planner and general college tips there’s sure to be something for you!

1. Keep a planner or planner app (keep only 1 planner):

  • Choose the right planner for you
  • Fill in any permanent dates and map out your schedule/semester
  • Set daily and weekly goals
  • Write down all of your class assignments, work schedules, and sport schedules
  • Keep to-do lists

2. Create a morning routine for yourself:

  • Set alarms to wake up at the same time every day: creating a set schedule
  • Make your bed every day. Start the day with a task complete!
  • Set aside 5 minutes daily for meditation for stress and anxiety relief
  • Plan your day ahead and remember to set daily goals for yourself
  • Don’t forget to eat breakfast!

3. Create a night routine for yourself:

  • Pack your backpack with everything you need for the next day
  • Spend 5 minutes cleaning your room and lay out your clothes for the next day
  • Write down your goals: What did I accomplish today? How can I make tomorrow better?
  • Review your planner and add any updates
  • Read before bed and set your alarms!

4. General Tips:

  • Always backup your computer using a hard drive in case your computer crashes
  • Try to disconnect from the internet for a few hours per day
  • Keep specific binders and notebooks for each class. (don’t use one notebook for everything)
  • Try not to drink too much caffeine. Remember to stay hydrated with lots of water!
  • Review your previous week and plan for the weeks to come
  • Visit Career Services for crafting resumes, cover letters, internship advice and much more!

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