Rolling Decision

For most colleges, the deadline to apply is already gone. But St. John’s has always been contrarian, and that applies to our application process. Our faculty reads applications. We care about the book essay more than just grades or test scores. And, if you’re still looking for that perfect college fit, good news—you can apply right now using Rolling Admission.

Rolling Admission means that you can apply whenever you are ready, and you’ll receive an admissions decision within two weeks of submitting your complete application and all materials. There are no specific application deadlines—just put your application together, send it in, and expect a decision within 14 days. But you may want to move quickly, since we stop admitting people during Rolling Admission when the class is full, and this year we have more applications than at any other time in St. John’s College history.

Want some help applying Rolling Admission? Part of the beauty of our small college is the ability to connect with a real-life person when you have questions. To find your counselor, use this page. You can also check out this fantastic series of videos on the application, featuring admissions counselor Drew Goodwin:

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