Pets of Admissions


While stuck at home, we in admissions have the chance to create some comfy spaces to continue our work in our home offices. While we miss all of our colleagues and seeing them in person each day (Zoom is just not the same!), we have had the opportunity to get to know each other’s pet family a bit better, and it has helped to make this time a bit more bearable for us all. Without further ado, we’d like to present the spectacular pets of the St. John’s College Admissions Office!

John Edwards’ fuzzy Santa Fe Ambassador, Mr. Putnam!
Nambe “Cat McConaughey” Roper. She’s not on the counter-she’s just one of the socks.
Obie, found mysteriously in the snow at the house of Ryan Johnson!
Samwise Gamgee, of Natalie Blais’ Santa Fe Shire!
Lady Olive of Stevens, of the house of Director of International Recruitment Amanda Stevens!
The ferocious Ms. Penny and Ms. Piper, who can often be found in the lap of Director of Admissions Caroline Randall.
Lupe Biscuits Wilkinson. Hobbies include: naps, bags and dog scoffing. Please don’t talk to her (just kidding)!
Vice President of Enrollment Benjamin Baum and Eglantine

Interested in getting to know these friends even better? Schedule a virtual meeting with your counselor today, and they just might join your conversation! Sign up on our website.

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