The first ever St. John’s College Virtual Admitted Students Day

On Saturday, April 4, our Admissions Team did what we usually do this time of year. We got out of bed on a springy weekend morning, grabbed coffee or tea, and made our way to meet with our newest class of Admitted Students during our annual Admitted Student Event. Only this year, we were able to do it all from our homes.

Annapolis Student Life panel

Our first ever Virtual Admitted Student event was a huge success. We had well over 200 total registrants from 38 US states and 19 different countries attend the event between 12, one of the most well-attended events ever! We were able to speak with a number of students, staff members, tutors, and even the presidents of each campus.

Santa Fe student life panel

We have done so much in the last few weeks to make visiting us at St. John’s a possibility while the campus is closed to visitors. We have revamped our Virtual Tour, we have implemented Online Visits, and even established a system to manage 1:1 conversations with Admissions Counselors and Financial Aid officers, all to support our admitted students as they navigate their way towards the end of their final year of high school and into college. This event proved that much of what we do at St. John’s – intimate yet serious discussions about great books – can be done online in a compelling way. Albeit not perfect, as we do miss getting to see our students on a day to day basis, we look forward to finding new ways of innovating and bringing the experience that St. John’s offers to Johnnies and future-Johnnies everywhere.

To view some of of the events from the day, feel free to view them at this Youtube playlist! And if you have any other ideas about what we can to bring St. John’s to you during this time of isolation, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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