2020 Great Books Bonanza, part 1!

It’s time for an annual contest to see, once and for all, which Great Books author is the greatest of them all! This afternoon, we sent out this form to our counselors and admitted students for this year, where they would be able to cast their votes on the first round of this march-madness style tournament. Interested in helping your favorite authors win? Feel free to access the form and vote! The polls for the first round will be open until 12:00 PM (EDT) tomorrow, March 25th.

Last year, William Shakespeare ended up taking the tournament, though the contest was tough and enthralling the whole way through. Check out this post from last year to see how it all played out! Last year we based our seeds on the year in our program each author is encountered, this year we are basing the early matches on subject area. Plato faces off against Jean-Jacques Rousseau, literary giants Herman Melville and Virginia Woolf battle it out, and paradigm-shifting scientists Sir Isaac Newton and Nicolaus Copernicus head to head in some of these early rounds.

Again, access the tournament this year through this form, and may the best author win! Check this post in the coming days for updates and new rounds to vote on!

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