Burns Night Reading in the Annapolis Bookstore

In honor of Robert Burns Night, a scottish tradition held January 25th of every year, our own Robin Dunn held his annual dramatic reading of some of Burns’ most famous works. Admissions Counselor Robin Lancaster attended the reading, snapping some photos, as well as recording some audio of the verse.

Robin Dunn reading in the Annapolis Bookstore

The tradition is in honor of Robert Burns’ birthday. Burns is one of the most important poets in scottish history, and often his birthday is commemorated with a feast, comprised of poetry reading, a whiskey toast, and haggis. The tradition was started by friends of his way back in 1801, and has enjoyed participation the world over in years since. Some of the more famous pieces that are read during this time are the famous Burns works, “To a Mouse”, “Address to a Haggis”, and perhaps the most famous of Burns’ work in America, “Auld Lang Syne”.

Read more about the Burns Day tradition here. We hope you take the time this weekend to read some verse, enjoy some good food, and reminiscence on auld lang syne.

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