On this Thursday morning a week before Thanksgiving, the St. John’s College campus in Santa Fe received an unexpected snow fall! What was supposed to be a light dusting has turned into a few inches and counting. You might ask why I was out in this weather? Well, these photos and the video were taken on my way to our monthly All-Staff Council meeting. At today’s meeting all nominated candidates for the 2019-2020 Staff Council election cycle shared a few words about why they wanted to serve. Paper and electronic ballots are being collected until 5:00pm tomorrow, Friday, November 22nd. I am just completing my one-year term as president of staff council, but I was nominated to run again, so I decided to give it another shot. Either way, I will remain involved with staff council as we continue to improve quality of life and service for all staff members on this campus.

One of the many issues we have been tackling is LOS (Length Of Service) recognition.  We have a pretty amazing program in place, but the first recognition isn’t until the seventh year of service. Our benefits committee has been working with Human Resources to model different options and to circulate these options to the staff so that we can get the broadest most comprehensive feedback possible. During the second half of today’s meeting we discussed these options and circulated copies of a survey to solicit specific feedback.

And then it kept snowing!


You may notice I am wearing a sleeveless shirt. #Notpreparedforthesnow

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