Spring Break = Faculty & Staff Luncheon

It is the last day of spring break, and we are eager for campus to be alive again with students next week…but this afternoon the Annapolis campus community gathered for some good ole Mission BBQ. What was the reason?  Our annual Faculty and Staff Appreciation Luncheon:


During this time, President Kanelos took the time to speak about how St. John’s has welcomed him and many others into the community with smiling faces, open minds, and open arms. He also took the time to honor members of the community for years of services (some for over 30 years, wow!). Faculty and staff also participated in a fun raffle for prizes which included gift certificates to local shops/restaurants, artwork/decorations, and even free meals for our dining hall.

It was a fun way to end the work-week (and spring break). Now I say, bring back the students!

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