It’s a Tim Tam Slam Kind of Afternoon!

It is 3:15pm on January 8th in the admissions office of St. John’s College, Santa Fe, NM. Things are rolling with our graduate and undergraduate spring cohorts! Emails, phone calls and meetings, oh, my! We gather for a quick break in our director’s office for what she has described as a Tim Tam Slam. What is that? We all wanted to know. So, she demonstrated! You bite a wee bit off of each opposing corner of a Tim Tam chocolate biscuit; next, you partially submerge it in hot cocoa or hot tea; then, you must immediately start slurping as forcefully as you can. The idea is to use the Tim Tam almost like a straw, but what you are doing in actuality is transforming your Tim Tam into a molten lava packet of pure liquid chocolate goodness. Once you can feel a little liquid on your end of the Tim Tam, pop the entire biscuit in your mouth, and voila!


Back to our regularly scheduled programming.

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