Reading Season in Admissions

Yesterday, the early action deadline came and went. Now, your admissions counselors have officially entered into reading season! The emailing, calling, traveling, and visiting we do throughout the year all leads up to this moment, when we see your applications in our admissions bin. For us, there is a wave of excitement. It is finally the moment we see the students we will be working with throughout the rest of this year. The winter means holidays and time with family for many for you. For us, as the season gets colder, it means snuggling in with our computers to read and learn about all of you. Cheers to the beginning of reading season! Here is a snapshot of the lives of your admissions counselors during this season!

Karin: Associate Director of Admissions

Territory: Prince George County, MD

“I don’t how I would survive without dual monitors. When I read an application, I really want to see everything at the same time. It gives a new meaning to ‘getting the whole picture’.”



Emily: Admissions Counselor

Territory: AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, TN, VA, WV

“I wait all year for this season so I can sneak down to sit in front of the fire. There is no better place to read a student’s essays!”



Amanda: Director of International Recruitment

Territory: Canada, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe (except UK), the Middle East and Central Asia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal

“Getting to see the faces of future Johnnies during international student Skype interviews is one of my favorite parts of this job!”



David: Assistant Director of Admissions

Territory: Africa

“I love listening to music while I read. It gets me in the zone! It’s fun to spend a whole day meeting new potential johnnies and getting to know them through their applications.”

David reading season

Randall: Director of International Recruitment

Territory: East and Southeast Asia, India, Oceania, TX, OK, AR

“With a good cup of coffee,  I’m ready to read applications from all over the world.”

reading season 1

Allison: Associate Director of Admissions

Territory: CO, IL, Southern CA

“My favorite part is reading the essays. I love seeing the breadth of what students write about, and the books that they’re excited about!”

reading season 2

In conclusion, at St. John’s, the admissions counselors are your advocates. We WANT you to succeed in whatever you endeavor to do. As a result, we may reach out to offer interviews or to ask a few questions about your application over the phone during this time. We want you to know that these requests are always to help you because we have your best interest at heart. No need to be afraid of us!

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