College Counselors, Teachers and Educators, Oh My!

We welcomed our fourth group of college counselors during this year’s  Summer Classics season on our Santa Fe Campus.  Ten college counselors from all over the United States came over three weeks to experience first-hand St. John’s seminars, great books, and deep conversatons. Our fly-in program includes, room & board, class registration fee, as well as a travel reimbursement. We also were lucky to welcome and meet with over 35 Educators – most of whom are high school teachers. For most of our programs at the college, educators can receive up to 50% of the total cost, including our masters in liberal arts.

Together we enjoyed dinner out on the town, a special seminar on an essay by Michael Oakeshott called “A Place of Learning,” a student-led tour, and a sampling of our local gourmet donuts!

Teachers, counselors, educators, and admissions folk enjoyed and shared many great conversations, topics included good writing, the power behind the Socratic method, the importance and relevancy of a true liberals arts preparation, and so much more! We hope these conversations will continue in the fall as we take to the road to the visit these teachers and counselors, and many others, to talk with their students about a St. John’s Education.




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  1. jerry broesch says:

    Trying to get info for my daughter. How would she enroll after a high school dual enrollment program? Would she be better not doing it to achieve the AAS or AAA in order to begin as a true freshman? Thanks


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