Summer Plans in Admissions

During the school year, the Admissions staff is busy with high school visits, application reading, and open house events. During the summer time, we have the chance to reset and reflect, both in the office and out. Often, that takes the form of projects, trips, and other activities that carry us through to the start of a new application season. Here are some highlights from our staff in Santa Fe and Annapolis, explaining some non-admissions related plans we have for the summer:


This summer includes several projects and D&D 5e for entertainment.

For starters, I will complete the new brick floor in the family room, finish my Roubo Bench build, and build another 100’ of fence around the back yard.

For entertainment, D&D 5e is the game of choice.  We use Lego Minifigs instead of the old lead figs.

Of course, there is the “getting ready for next fall” but no photo could accurately describe this process.


The last two weekends have been all about getting outside. The river photos are of Jemez Springs. We spent an afternoon picnicking, throwing stones, and wading in the river.  This past weekend, we went to have a father’s day brunch at Los Pablanos Lavender farm. We took a great little walk along some of their trails. The trees in the valley were amazing!

Here is a link to Jemez Springs:

And here is a link to Los Pablanos Lavender Farm:


This summer my best friend and I went on a ten day backpacking trip in the Bandolier backcountry. We do trips like this all over New Mexico. Highlights include: explored ancient petroglyphs and cliff dwellings, found pottery shards, and followed bear tracks to find water.


Since I transitioned campuses this summer, my main summer project has been exploring Santa Fe and the surrounding area! I have pictures of the sunset from Fort Marcy Hill, my arrival in Santa Fe, and a splash that is me jumping into “The Blue Hole,” a natural crystal-clear swimming hole that’s hundreds of feet deep.


Travel to Arizona and New Mexico (areas surrounding Santa Fe). Hosting family on their visit to Santa Fe in July……movies, museums, Meow Wolf, local restaurants, Botanical Gardens, Aquarium, other areas of Albuquerque. I’ll also be doing some Landscaping and attending Music on the Hill & other music events in Santa Fe. Lastly, I’ll be finishing some books ‘in progress’.


I began the summer season with an impromptu trip to Portland, Maine, just before Memorial Day. I also took a trip down south to the Outer Banks with some family. Other than traveling, I’ve got a pretty long reading list that I’m excited to get into. Some of the books include “The Letters of Vincent Van Gogh”, “Pachinko”, and “Little Fires Everywhere”.


I just finished the book “Racing Odysseus”. I will be heading down to Florida/Disney World for a wedding, hiking up at Sugar Hill/Franconia Notch in New Hampshire for Labor Day, camping and crab feasting with friends, and hopefully getting our inflatable kayak out on the water!



The summer is a great time to head to the Atlantic Ocean and relax. The waves lapping at the shore, the soft, warm breeze coming up from the South and the sunshine are great stress-relievers. The nearest coastal beaches are just over two hours away from Annapolis, so one can get there and back in one day. There are plenty of activities while visiting the beach. Along with hanging out on the soft sand, there are plenty of shops and restaurants to visit.

Also, I was able to attend the Washington Capital’s Stanley Cup Championship parade in beautiful Washington, DC. The weather was fantastic and the parade attracted thousands to help celebrate the victory! It was a sea of red as most of the fans decided to “Rock the Red” in their favorite jersey or t-shirt. Not only was it exciting to participate in the parade, it was a treat to see the U.S. Capitol and the Washington Monument.


I’ll be headed to Toronto to celebrate Canada Day with my husband’s family. We typically spend every July 1st in Ontario – watch the parades and fireworks, spend time with family and eat lots of good food. However, this year is particularly exciting because, for the first time, my sisters and their families will be joining us! My family will get to meet many of my husband’s relatives, and I’m thrilled to introduce them to this important holiday for our neighbors to the north!

And then, later in the summer I am taking a vacation to Havana with my friends and family. I have wanted to visit Cuba since I was in college. At the time, one of the only ways to visit Cuba as an American was on a student visa. But my fear of flying led me to turn down an amazing exchange program. However, now that travel restrictions have been lifted and I’ve conquered my fear of flying, I am on my way! I am lucky enough to travel across the world for St. John’s, but I very rarely get to travel with friends, so I am beyond excited. Making the trip even more special is the fact that it will officially mark the 50th country I’ve visited!


I am going to reread Minkowski’s Space and Time because I didn’t really understand it the first time. I’ll also be going to my mother’s family’s beach house in September. The house is in my grandpa’s family because the lot is where his parents were taken as children to camp and back in those days apparently you could just say: “well this is mine now” and then nobody would bother you about it if you built a house there, so they did. Then the ocean destroyed the house, so they built another one farther back and built a sea wall and that’s the one I am going to. Other than that my plans are mostly work, ride my bike, read mediocre fantasy novels, and spend time with friends and family.


Cooking everything outside on the grill!! I plan to finally cook through all the cookbooks I have collected over the years. My apartment is right on the water so I will have fun grilling out, kayaking, and watching the scenery go by. Maybe I will even learn how to sail!!


Though we’ll be busy, we are eagerly awaiting the upcoming application season, and can’t wait to work with this year’s rising seniors! Please be in touch with us if you’d like to make a visit to St. John’s (either Santa Fe or Annapolis) part of your summer plans!

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