Pi(e) Day

We all know that 3.14 is Pi Day, but have you ever wondered or learned about the man who had discovered the concept?


According to many sources, it was a Greek Mathematician named Archimedes – somebody we read right here in our program! Mathematics is a part of academic life here at St. John’s – it’s great for people who are successful in math classrooms, and we find it’s even better for students who aren’t!

So, how does admissions celebrate Pi Day? With Pie of course!

Happy Pi Day!

How does a community of students, faculty, and staff come to LOVE Pi and all things mathematically demonstrable? The answer is Euclid.  Many students discover their love for math here on our campus, because of Euclid, and our unique, collaborative approach to learning. During freshman year, everyone starts with Book I of Euclid’s Elements, and quite literally with his definitions and postulates. A point is that which has no part. This radical yet elementary approach is what begins to erase the stultifying experience of math many of us have in high school.  We leave you with thoughts of Pi and Pie, and with this video clip of our seniors demonstrating every one of Euclid’s propositions through Project Euclid.

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