Coffee Shops of Annapolis

One of the advantages of having campuses in two fantastic college towns is great local coffee! Here are a few of our student’s favorites in Annapolis. All of these coffee shops are within a ten minute walk of campus (and most are closer to five).

49 West–A coffee shop and cafe with late hours and live music, 49 West is a great spot to hang out with friends, study, or enjoy some tunes.


Brown Mustache Coffee at Old Fox Bookstore— located just off campus on Maryland Ave there may be no more quintessentially Johnnie place to get coffee. There’s also a lovely garden out back!


City Dock–with one location on Maryland Ave and another by the water, City Dock is a popular spot for Johnnies.


Maryland Inn Coffee Shop— located below the historic Maryland Inn right at the top of main street, this coffee shop has a cozy, historic feel.


Red Bean–Red Bean, located near the top of Main Street, serves both excellent coffee and delicious ice cream!


Starbucks–farther down Main Street, you’ll find the ubiquitous Starbucks. Its larger space and comfortable chairs make it a great place to study!





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