A Musical December

It was a musical December here at St. John’s College!

This month featured an orchestra concert, the freshman chorus concert, and collegium. Collegium is a tradition on both campuses, and includes all kinds of musical performances from students, tutors, and staff. Acts range from dance troupes to audience participation rounds, from solo acts to performances by large groups (for instance the St. John’s chorus, the Jazz band, or any one of a number of a Capella groups), and across multiple genres of music.

Collegium is held each semester, and after winter collegium there is a tradition of gathering to sing carols and some of the songs that students study as part of the Program. There’s also punch and cookies, and a swing dance party to mark the end of the semester! With music playing such a large part in our curriculum, it’s no surprise that it’s a big part of campus life as well.


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