Summer Academy: Justice, Nature, and Law

Week Four of Summer Academy also marks the first session in Annapolis. After three great sessions in Santa Fe, we were excited to welcome students to our eastern campus!

Students have studied Pascal in lab, read Antigone, The Republic, and the Book of Job in Seminar, and read selections of Kafka, O’Connor, Lincoln and Welty in Language.

In addition, we wanted to show them some of the best of Annapolis. They’ve toured the State Capital, launched canoes and kayaks from the boat house, and this evening they’ll be taking in an outdoor production of Shakespeare’s Tempest.


They’ve also had plenty of time to socialize, whether in a fine arts lesson, with sports in the gym, or while learning to swing dance or play croquet!

Overall, it’s been a fantastic week! We’re enjoying Justice Nature and Law, and can’t wait for next week’s session: The Heart of the Matter.


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