Students win grant, Mitchell Gallery becomes portal to the world of Mufka and more: March at St. John’s College

Photo Credit: Tim Pratt, St. John’s College.

It’s been a busy March at St. John’s, and April is shaping up to be busier still! Here are some of the highlights from March:

Two current students–a sophomore and a junior, were awarded a ten-thousand dollar grant through Projects for Peace.  The grant will be used to help construct addition to the Special Education and Rehabilitation Center for Disabled Children in Kathmandu, Nepal. Read more about their project here.

For Spring Break, Some Johnnies stayed close to campus, while others traveled far and wide–read some of their stories here.

The Mitchell Gallery began showing its latest exhibition “The Fantastic World of Ronald Markman: A Mini-Retrospective.” The exhibit features over fifty works by Markman, showcasing his whimsical imaginary world, Mufka (“Mufka: A Fun Place”). See some pictures and learn more here. You can also read a great write up of the exhibit in UPSTART magazine.

Lydia Polgreen (97), editor in chief of The Huffington Post, returned to campus a lecture at St. John’s as part of the Friday night lectures series; see what she spoke about here.

Senior Orals began in late February, and will continue through May. Senior Orals are similar to a graduate school thesis defense–each senior will discuss their senior essay with a panel of three faculty members for an hour. All senior orals are open to the public–find out more about what they’re like here.

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