A belated February round-up


February is the shortest month, but what it lacks in length it made up for in activity! After an exciting February, students are happy to have spring break in March.

Senior Essays. Members of the class of 2017 turned in their capstone senior essays at the beginning of the month. Congratulations to our seniors!

Kepler Fest. The Santa Fe campus hosted a weekend-long festival in honor of revolutionary astronomer Johannes Kepler. The festival included lectures, workshops, art and music. Some of Kepler’s work is studied at St. John’s during the sophomore year.

Celebrating Black History Month. Student-led celebrations of Black History Month by organizing time to listen to recordings of speeches by prominent civil rights activists and hosting events celebrating African-American culture.

Democracy in Action. Student self-governance is an important feature of both campuses, and this month budgeting season is in full swing as our student governments work to fairly distribute funding to the college’s many clubs.

Lecture on Aristophanes’ Birds. In Santa Fe, tutor Michael Grenke delivered a lecture on one of the better known works of Ancient Greece’s premier comic playwright as part of the College’s formal lecture series.

President Nelson gets National Role. Chris Nelson, the president of the Annapolis campus, was announced as the chairman of the board of directors The National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, and will hold the position until his retirement.

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