Career Services and Internships

Last summer I had a fantastic experience working as an intern for Vote Smart, where I researched candidates for political office in the run up to the November elections. I had never heard of Vote Smart (or dreamed of living in Montana) until the Career Services Office told me about it. I got some incredibly valuable experience (not to mention some cool pictures–like this blog’s cover photo), and they also gave me $4000 to make the whole thing possible.

Career Services has a lot of different ways to connect students to internships, mentors, job opportunities, and fellowships. From helping to polish resumes to hosting networking events where students can meet alumni in various fields, the Career Services office is always ready to support our students in their planning for what’s next.

Assisting students in finding internships is one of the biggest ways Career Services helps. Both of our campuses have programs that provide students with stipends to help the pursue unpaid internship opportunities over the summer, so Career Services works to inform students about any internship opportunities that they may find interesting.

To help with this, during the school year they publish multiple round-ups of various internship (as well as job and scholarship) possibilities. Both campuses publish their own newsletter, to make sure that they include plenty of local options! Internship opportunities featured in one of the most recent newsletters ranged from archeological work in state parks to research at a medical center studying treatments for Cancer to work in Public broadcasting.

Check out some of the latest Career Services publications here!

Check out the Ariel Internship Program in Santa Fe here!

Check out the Hodson Trust Internship Program in Annapolis here!

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