For the Love of Dogs

Did you know we have campus dogs at St. John’s?  If you’ve ever visited our campuses, chances are you ran into Arcadia on one of her daily walks around the Annapolis campus or were greeted by Seymour at the Santa Fe library on your tour. At St. John’s, we believe that dogs not only make great companions but they also offer great academic and emotional support to our students. These pups can bring a smile out of anyone!

Arcadia Spector

Arcadia Spector, a 12(ish)- year old Jack Russel, has been the Annapolis Campus Dog for 10 years. Part of a generous donation to the college in 2006, Arcadia quickly became popular around campus. Perhaps the most coveted campus job is that of Canine Companion. Duties include taking Arcadia for daily walks, brushing her and keeping an eye on her overall health and well-being. Of course, the most important job of Arcadia and her Canine Companion is to meet with students around campus. She can be a bit timid at first, but she quickly warms up to you (especially if you have treats!).

During the day Arcadia hangs out with the Student Services Director, Ms. Taylor Waters, and at the end of the workday she goes to her evening home, a senior resident’s apartment on campus. Some of her favorite things include treats, squeaky toys, sleeping, belly rubs, and walks.

Seymour, a black Labrador who has held the title Library Dog since 2010, is a beloved member of the Santa Fe community. He belongs to Library Director Ms. Jennifer Sprague and he is a Certified Assistance Dog (and expert cuddler) through the organization Assistance Dogs of the West. Seymour’s job as Library Dog is an important one. Students can visit the library to read to Seymour who will cuddle up next to them on the couch – or roll over for a good belly rub. For students who feel overwhelmed by school work or otherwise need a mood-booster, Seymour is at their service!

Some of Seymour’s favorite things include the aforementioned belly rubs, camping, treats (specifically apples and carrots), snow, babies, and hiking. Ms. Sprague often takes him on camping trips up the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Seymour brings his own sleeping bag!


If you visit one of our campuses, ask to see Seymour or Arcadia!


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