Accepted Students Day Annapolis 2016!

A lively bunch of students turned up in Annapolis last week to stay in dorms, observe classes, chill out with current students, see what Friday lecture is all about, make s’mores, play board games, learn to swing dance, and get a feel for the campus that, come fall, many will be calling home.

The rest of the crew (more accepted students and their families) joined us on Saturday for what turned out to be a very chilly, largely grey, slightly snowy spring day.  The zeal of Johnnies old and new buoyed the spirit of the day, despite the gloomy weather, and students and parents alike participated in seminars (yes, participated!), were welcomed by our president, Chris Nelson, explored the campus, chatted with current students and alumni, and got a glimpse of what Johnnie life is like and about.

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For me, an admissions counselor and Johnnie grad, the most exciting part of the day was not only meeting the next generation of Johnnies, but also getting to see the very beginnings of new friendships.  As President Nelson said in his welcome address, the friendships formed at St. John’s are some of the most enriching, long-lasting, and beautiful friendships a person can have, and I am so excited that some of these friendships have already taken off.

Accepted Students Day 2016

Bummed you couldn’t make it?  So are we!  Check out our visit calendar and come see us anytime!

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