Early Action!

Yesterday was our Early Action I deadline. You may get nervous completing your college application, but we in admissions also get nervous awaiting your application. A full 45% of you submitted the day before the deadline!

Shakespeare apparently was wrong; “in delay there lies no plenty [of applications].”

As recommendations and transcripts keep rolling into our office, we still don’t have a final count on how many of you decided to apply Early Action I, but I can already tell it’s a record pool. That’s awfully exciting.

At St. John’s, we want to get to know you through the application essays, but we also want to make this process of applying to college as painless as possible. We ask you to write about your interest in St. John’s, why you’re interested in our unique program, and what books you love to read. We don’t charge an application fee. We don’t require SAT scores. When you apply Early Action on either November 15th or January 15th, we will give you an admission decision within one month. You can be a Johnnie before some of your friends have even submitted their applications to college.

I’m signing off now to do some reading; I have less than 30 days to dig into quite a few applications. But I’m very excited to learn more about each of you in the coming weeks!

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