A Rare Moment in the Midst of Fall Travel Craziness

Fall is the season of travel for admissions counselors everywhere. For the St. John’s College admissions counselors it means being on the road almost constantly from early September to mid November! This photo depicts a rare moment on the Santa Fe campus. For less than four hours, all of our admissions counselors were in the office at the same time. This might not happen again until sometime close to Thanksgiving. Adrian Wallen was in to refill his travel bag before he had to drive to Albuquerque to catch a flight to Seattle, WA. Allison Roper came into the office from having been away for the better part of two weeks on back to back recruiting adventures to the Western Slope of Colorado and Southern California. Randall Hollensbe just returned from a trip to Houston, TX and came back to prepare for his next trips to San Antonio and Austin. Ann Hooper had just completed a trip to the Midwest and was in town for five days to cover duties as one of six Senior Residents living on campus before leaving for a series of fairs, interviews and high school visits in Northern California.

During these recruitment excursions, our admissions counselors are meeting with teachers, students, parents, high school counselors and alumni. You can see if one of them will be in your area by visiting our St. John’s on the Road page. We also invite you to visit campus. If you find that you have a long weekend or some planned vacation time in the Southwest, give us a call! Consider adding a college tour to your trip! Click here to see about scheduling a campus visit. We can host you for a day, an afternoon or even overnight. During a visit you will have a chance to talk and eat with current students, observe a class or two, have a campus tour as well as meet with one of the admissions counselors.

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