Welcome, Class of 2019!

Exactly one week ago, we welcomed the Class of 2019 here in Annapolis. It was a day full of anticipation and excitement, especially for our new students! After registering and moving into their dorms, freshmen and their families, along with the entire campus community, gather for Convocation; an annual ceremony that welcomes new students and brings the college together for a new academic year. Freshmen walk the stage to meet the President and sign the college’s register before receiving an ancient Greek lexicon as a gift. After the President gives his speech, he invites the upperclassmen to welcome the new class by singing the college’s unofficial anthem, Sicut cervus. 

For the Admissions Office, Convocation represents the end of the cycle, and the beginning of another. After a quiet summer on campus (with the exception of the two weeks of Summer Academy) it’s great to once again have students on campus to bring the beautiful brick buildings back to life.

Here in the Admissions Office, we are gearing up for a busy season with travel and campus visits. We are excited to welcome prospective students and their families to the college for day and overnight visits, and to be able to share our adventures with you through the blog!

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